Free electrical installation for single elderly people

Mr. Dinh Duy Tan, 87 years old, is currently living in Tan My village, Hai Le commune (Quang Tri town), living alone in a small house built by the Quang Tri town’s Committee for the Poor. Co (PC Quang Tri) installed a meter and pulled the string behind the free meter to supply electricity for his home.

Mr. Dinh Duy Tan has been installed free of charge by Thanh Co Power Company under the program to support the poor and helpless old people.

Previously, Mr. Dinh Duy Tan used electricity from a village household for free use. The power line pulled to Mr. Tan’s house very far and had to cross Nam Thach Han canal, after a while the power line was broken by storms, and Mr. Tan had no electricity to use.   After receiving a call to support Mr. Dinh Duy Tan’s power line and Hai Le commune authorities, on July 20, 2019, the Trade Union and Youth Union of Thanh Co Electricity installed electricity meters. One phase, pulling 250 meters of 2 * 35 wire behind the meter, repairing and reinstalling the electric system in the house for Mr. Tan. The whole electrical system behind the electricity supply meter of Mr. Tan is provided free of charge by Thanh Co Electricity. The payment of monthly electricity bills of Mr. Tan was received by Mr. Nguyen Van Hien, a fellow in the same village.

The situation of Mr. Dinh Duy Tan was really difficult, he lived alone, in recent years due to his advanced age, Mr. Tan quit farming, only rely on cassava, sweet potato garden and the love of the government. local with neighbors and neighbors.   Celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Vietnam Trade Union’s establishment day (July 28, 1929 – July 28, 2019), with practical jobs, with sincere feelings and responsibility, union members and Youth Union members year of the Citadel of Thanh Co hope that people with circumstances like Mr. Dinh Duy Tan soon overcome difficulties, the old age of living is less lonely, receiving much love and compassion, sharing of community and commune Assembly



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