Electricity is attractive to foreign investors

Infrastructure and capital are two important factors for general gas and hydro-electricity projects to operate.
Hydrogen gas power project from brown coal of Japanese investor in Victoria state (Australia).
Capital and infrastructure must be large   Looking back on the conditions to develop electricity and gas in general at present, although Vietnam has a strong advantage in offshore offshore gas reserves, but, in addition to the need for policies to encourage the development of electricity and gas such as wind power and solar power, the capital and infrastructure for the gas power plant is very large and synchronous.   As shared by Mr. Adam Moncrieff, running Allen & Overy Law Firm, to develop the electricity and gas market in Vietnam, requires huge capital, especially from the domestic private sector and foreign capital for investment. construction of infrastructure, gas pipeline, transshipment port system, power plant …

Agreeing with this view, Mr. Tran Viet Ngai, Chairman of Vietnam Energy Association, said that to ensure the electricity and gas market in general develop and electrify hydrogen gas in particular, two factors must be ensured: Yes source of raw materials and sufficient infrastructure through investment in construction of factories that meet technology standards and ensure the environment.   Concerning environmental factors, the experience of attracting Australia’s brown coal gas investment shows that to produce 3 tons of hydrogen gas, about 160 tons of brown coal is needed, in one year, the project may emit 100 tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to emissions from 20 cars.   Foreign enterprises actively seek opportunities

Foreign enterprises actively seek opportunities
Mr. David Stone - Chairman of AES Vietnam Group.
According to information from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, many foreign investors showed special interest in the gas and electricity sector in Vietnam, in which Japanese and American investors have planned investment in Ca Na and Binh Thuan. .   Recently, talking with Business Forum, Mr. David Stone – Chairman of AES Vietnam Group, said that businesses are learning to invest in liquefied gas projects and port projects to serve transport activities. transfer liquefied gas in Binh Thuan. This is one of the new steps in the strategy to conquer the southern market of enterprises.   In addition to developing liquefied gas projects, the company also researches and develops investment in other clean energy projects such as solar power, wind power, based on the strength of global business experience and availability. can charge the battery into the project.   Accordingly, just a few days ago, AES representative also expressed his desire to cooperate with Vietnam Oil and Gas Group to invest in Son My gas project chain.   This seems to be an inevitable trend when many foreign enterprises cooperate with PV Gas to plan investment projects for LNG generation plants, because Vietnam has an appropriate port system. to enter LNG.
The liquefied gas market once again heated up on August 18th, a delegation from Busan City (South Korea) learned about opportunities and orientations for investing in Thua Thien Hue with a project to build a power plant. 200MW Hydro gas and related infrastructure at Chan May – Lang Co.   Specifically, according to Mr. Kisk Park – Director, BEPA CEO said, by learning about the potentials and policies to attract investment, the Korean agency wishes to cooperate with Thua Thien – Hue province to develop some investment projects and bring big businesses in Busan to invest in the province.   It can be mentioned that the project of hydroelectric power plant, capacity of 200 MW and the port for transporting raw materials for power plants and import and export activities. In addition, the Korean side wishes to research and invest in infrastructure and industrial development investment projects according to the investment attraction policy of Thua Thien – Hue province in Chan May – Lang Co economic zone.   These electrification projects contribute to “an important role in Vietnam’s VII Power Plan, as well as supply of LNG gas resources in the region, to ensure energy supply in the coming years”, as shared by Mr. Le Manh Hung, General Director of PVN.



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