About Us

Hanoi Electrical Equipment Production Joint Stock Company was granted the license No. 0103689952, April 2, 2009 by Hanoi Planning and Investment Department. Main business lines: Manufacturing transformers, electric cables and electrical equipment. After more than 11 years of operation, the company has become one of the leading manufacturers of transformers and electrical equipment in Vietnam.
Quality management company according to ISO9001: 2008 standard, successfully implementing 5S program, meeting technical requirements according to the standards: IEC 60076 -2011, TCVN 6306-2015, TCVN 8525: 2015, Decision No. 62 / QD-EVN simultaneously meeting the standards of EVN’s power corporations such as: Decision No. 1011 / QD-EVN / NPC; Decision No. 1904 EVN / DL2.4; Decision No. 1545 EVN / DL3-4; Notice No. 10788 / TB-EVNHN …


Accredited to use the standard Quality Management System ISO / IEC 17025 & VILAS 1173 has helped the LE MBA laboratory have the opportunity to focus all resources to improve capacity, confirm the reliability of the results of the measurements. / try / calibrate in each MBA product.
Cetificate of Accreditation ISO/IEC 17025:2017
On the other hand, LE LE MBA products have achieved KERI short-circuit test results, marking and confirming outstanding quality in each product, creating prestige and brand, being evaluated and trusted by customers.

 Test KERI 630kVA

      Test KERI 400kVA


                             Supply of transformers 38.5 / 23kV – 12MVA installed at substation F6C Khanh Vinh – Song Cho 2 Hydropower Project
The factory has a factory area of ​​thousands m2 and a crane system of up to 20 tons, and the company has also equipped modern and synchronous technology equipment such as “step lap” automatic cutting machine, Automatic copper foil winding machine, automatic high-voltage winding machine, automatic drying system, oil filter system, vacuum oil inspection, automatic test chamber can test all common test items Routene tests ….

With a team of engineers, skilled workers who have many years of experience in manufacturing transformers and electrical equipment and leading designers in Vietnam with high qualifications and expertise, so the products are always produced. uniform, stable in quality, high durability, meeting the strict technical requirements and harsh weather conditions in remote, mountainous and island areas.

With the motto “QUALITY IS LIVING”, we believe the company’s products always meet all customer requirements and become a prestigious and top quality transformer brand in the domestic market. and international.