Startup develops solar power project floating on the sea

Sunseap provides sustainable energy from roof panels to affordable floating photovoltaic systems.

The offshore floating photovoltaic system is located north of the Woodlands waterfront park.

The game is a lot of capital   Sunseap was founded by close friends Frank Phuan and Lawrence Wu in 2011 in Singapore with the aim of providing sustainable and affordable energy. The company’s portfolio includes overhead roof installation and marine floating photovoltaic systems. Sunseap Group includes subsidiaries such as Sunseap Lending, Sunseap Energy, Sunseap International, Sunseap Engineering, Sunseap Energy Ventures, Sunseap Solutions and SolarPVExchange.   On August 6, 2015, this startup attracted S $ 77 million in the B series of capital calls to accelerate the application of solar energy as an alternative energy source in Singapore. On May 2, 2017, Singapore’s C $ 5 million capital contribution round by ISOTeam helped promote expansion plans in Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines.   Also in May 2017, the company received S $ 15 million from United Overseas Bank (UOB) to develop commercial solar projects in Singapore. Specifically, the 9.5MWp solar power system at Jurong port and 2,4MWp at Panasonic.   UOB’s Eric Tham said: “We are very happy to sponsor solar initiatives to reduce carbon emissions.”   On September 20, 2017, Sunseap received an investment of S $ 75 million from Banpu Public Company, then, in April 4, 2019, a Singapore $ 50 million loan from the Dutch banking group – ING to construction of 50 MW roof solar power projects in Asia.

                                 Two founders Frank Phuan and Lawrence Wu of Sunseap.
The current customers of Sunseap have government agencies, large companies, small and medium enterprises, Apple technology group in Singapore, Raffles Institute, United Technologies Group, Jurong Port, ABB, Panasonic, Eagle Services Asia. , Pratt & Whitney, Takasago ..
Solar power project floating on the sea   The government is always concerned about the green and sustainable environment, plus the year-round tropical climate, which are favorable factors to promote the solar industry in Singapore. However, the limitation of the island’s area and the high price of land, could not meet the large area for solar power projects on the mainland. Therefore, the development of floating solar photovoltaic system is a significant solution.
“Floating solar energy has a 16% higher efficiency than on land. Floating solar panels also prevent algae growth from harming fish stocks. In the opposite direction, the cooling effect of Water helps reduce heat loss and prolongs the life of batteries, “Sunseap representative said.   An impressive image of the offshore floating photovoltaic system is located north of Woodlands Riverside Park. Image: SUNSEAP Group   In 2019, one of Sunseap’s largest solar floating systems in the world will soon be put into operation along the Johor Strait, north of Woodlands Park, Singapore, stretching over an area of ​​5ha. The 5MW electricity system is expected to generate about 6,388MW of renewable energy, equivalent to providing about 1,250 apartments with energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2,600 tons a year.
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