“Secret” successfully applied 5S at the Power Company

The good practice of 5S has helped Electricity Companies minimize waste, improve productivity and improve service quality.

The entire office system was transformed after applying 5S at Dien Bien Electricity Company.
5S (5S methodology) concept originated in Japan in the early 1980s of the twentieth century. By defining 5S as Seiri (Screening of unnecessary things at work and leaving), Seiton (Arrange things to be easy to find, easy to see, easy to take), Seiso (Clean the equipment clean) , tools and workplaces), Seiketsu (Caring for the workplace by always doing the 3S above) and Shitsuke (Ready to educate the trainers to make people do 4S on a voluntary basis).   Good Practice 5S is a fundamental tool to help organizations and businesses improve productivity and reduce waste. The implementation of 5S application is simple but brings many benefits such as creating a scientific, clean and neat working environment, thereby improving productivity, work efficiency and facilitating the identification of waste to take measures to minimize waste.   In Vietnam today, many businesses still face difficulties in applying this method, but many businesses have successfully applied this method, typically Electricity Companies. Below is the process of deploying and successfully applying 5S at some Northern Power Companies.
Or at Dien Bien Electricity Company, the entire office system is changed on the principle of: “Easy to find, easy to see, easy to get and easy to return”. All systems are rearranged for clean, compact, scientific, from materials to production tools.
At Son La Electricity, firstly, Son La Electricity hired a reputable consulting company to survey each position of the company so that they could give specific tasks to be done when implementing “5S”. Establishment of the Executive Board and set the time for the company to be 6 months from the date of launch. In particular, 4 months for S1 and S2 in the office area, from the company to the electricity. In the office area, the Executive Board prepares the content related to the promotion and awareness education for employees.   After the office has been completed, the office of the Electricity and the “prototype” about studying and applying at their units. Thoroughly grasp the policy so that all employees are aware of the requirements and content of the “5S program”, which is the responsibility, responsibility and also the rights of each individual.   The representative of Son La electricity leader said that the leader must be the leader in the work to be done, if so, the lower level will strictly abide by it. Unlike many units, when launching, the leaders stand outside and consider the task to be done by the staff level, thus, 5S cannot succeed.
It can be seen that, in order to successfully implement the 5S program at the workplace successfully, it is not only the determination of the Board of Directors but also requires each employee in the unit to make their own determination and raise awareness when developing. execution.   At the same time, there must be the participation of all people in the whole unit thoroughly, organized through propaganda and specific actions such as regularly maintaining a systematic screening of all items, remove unnecessary items, arrange equipment and document records in a logical sequence and have a clear list to facilitate search and use; hygiene check the operation status of machinery and equipment as well as daily tools in the office to create a beautiful and scientific working environment landscape, easy to find, easy to find and easy to get.



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