Scatec Solar (Norway) wants to invest in solar power in Vietnam

Vietnam has a huge demand for energy, especially renewable energy and currently has more than 300 wind power investment projects, solar power is pending approval.
Artwork: Solar power project floating on Da Mi lake.
According to information from the Government Office, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung recently had a meeting with Mr. Raymond Carlsen, General Director of Scatec Solar Company (Norway ).
Scatec Solar Company has a policy to invest in Tri An floating solar power plant project with a capacity of 1,000 MW. The factory is expected to be built in La Nga commune and Thanh Son commune, Dinh Quan district, Dong Nai province.   General Director Raymond Carlsen said that the Company has experience in assisting countries in renewable energy projects in developing countries, this is an advantage when the Company has investment policy in Vietnam. Male. With this project, the company will develop a floating solar panel system, which is a technology product for Vietnam’s export in the future. Besides, the company is promoting and connecting with universities in Vietnam to bring students to practice and learn about technology at the factory.   Appreciating the intention of cooperation of Scatec Solar in Vietnam, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung affirmed that the Government of Vietnam always encourages the development of renewable energy and promotes the effective use of renewable energy sources in water, improving power structure, climate change mitigation, environmental protection and sustainable socio-economic development.

Vietnam has a huge demand for energy, especially renewable energy for economic development and consumer protection. According to calculations, it is expected to need 90,000 kW by 2025; by 2030 about 130,000 kW. Meanwhile, the current power source in Vietnam is mainly thermal power and hydropower. Hydroelectricity accounts for about 40% and is unable to develop further. Thermal power sources are also difficult to develop due to strict environmental standards. Therefore, renewable energy sources such as wind power, solar power … will help ensure sufficient electricity for development and consumption.   According to the Deputy Prime Minister, Vietnam currently has over 300 investment projects on wind power, solar power awaiting approval, so the question is to choose investment projects in accordance with development planning. , ensure a reasonable power production structure, meet the demand for electricity as well as load problems …   On that basis, the Deputy Prime Minister wants Scatec Solar to work closely with Vietnamese enterprises to develop projects effectively, in accordance with the plan for renewable energy development; at the same time invest in the production of technology products for renewable electric energy industry, associated with education and training.



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