Quy Nhon PC: Enhancing power generator with capacity of 530 kVA for Nhon Chau island commune

In the morning of July 29, Quy Nhon Power Company transported power generators of 530 kVA capacity, wiring systems, electric poles, electronic meters from the mainland to the island of Nhon Chau Island (Quy Nhon City).
Transporting electrical equipment to Nhon Chau island commune.
According to Mr. Banh Quoc Hung, Quy Nhon Power Director, although the terrain is quite difficult to move, but with the determination of the unit, with the support of the army units, local authorities, come In the afternoon of the same day, generators and supplies were gathered at Nhon Chau Power Station. According to the plan, within about 30 days, Quy Nhon Electricity will complete the upgrade of the grid, replacing the meter system for customers in the whole commune; Conducting connection and operation of new generators, serving electricity 24/24 hours daily for people on island communes.   It is known that Nhon Chau commune now has more than 500 electricity users. Previously, Nhon Chau Power Station was directly managed by CPC. Because generators are often damaged, the grid is degraded so only 12 hours a day is guaranteed. From July 1, 2002, Quy Nhon Electricity has received the management and operation of the power grid on the island commune. While waiting to pull the underground cable system to the island commune (expected to be completed by the end of 2020), Quy Nhon Power Company is assigned by Binh Dinh Power Company to manage, operate the net, sell electricity directly to customers. in the whole commune.



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