Power up and operate 220 kV – 125 MVA transformer at 220 kV Bac Kan substation

Northern Power Project Management Board (NPMB) has cooperated with related units to organize acceptance and commissioning of 220 kV – 125 MVA transformer (AT1), completing the project. “Installation of 220 kV transformer in Bac Kan 220 kV substation”.
                     220 kV – 125 MVA transformer 220 kV Bac Kan transformer station
Scale works: Installing 01 220/110/22 kV – 125 MVA transformer (AT1) and equipment including 1 to prevent total road of 220 kV AT1 machine, 1 220 kV communication compartment, additional isolation tools connecting to 220 kV busbar, 1 block of total 110 kV lines of AT1, 6 lines of 110 kV lines, 1 110 kV communication compartment by the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) as the investor, NPMB on behalf of EVNNPT manages the project management, Power Transmission Company 1 receives operation management when the project is completed.   This is a Grade I industrial project of Group B, belonging to the project “Installing 220 kV transformer substation 220 kV Bac Kan, the second one 220 kV Son Tay substation, the second 500 kV Nho Quan substation, the second 220 kV substation Phu Tho and the 3rd 220 kV Van Tri station ”.   Earlier on July 17, 2019, NPMB completed the project “Installation of the second transformer 220 kV Son Tay substation” under the project.   The electricity installation and operation of AT1 transformer at 220 kV substation in Bac Kan will enhance the linkage between regional power systems in Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Tuyen Quang and Thai Nguyen provinces; improve power quality, reliability and stability when operating regional electrical systems; limit power loss on transmission grid, increase production and business efficiency of EVNNPT.



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