Everyone has the potential to have a problem with mice, voles, even rats and other rodents. These small creates are not restricted to the countryside or the town. Rather, they roam everywhere, and they breed quickly too, meaning that in a matter of weeks there can be dozens of rodents near to you and your home. Of course, leaving discarded rubbish (particularly food waste) around will encourage them, but no matter what, they will still exist and could very quicklycause you problems by chewing through your electrical cabling. If this is something you are having issues with, here are some ways to stop it.

Seal The Gaps

Mice and other rodents very often won’t actuallybe living in your home. Instead,they will be getting in through holes and cracks in the walls to shelter from the cold or the rain. Once inside, they will start to cause havoc and do a lot of damage. The key, then, is to prevent them from coming in in the first place.

Search your home to find any holes that might lead directly to the outside worldor any gaps that leadfrom the loft or cellar areas to the main house. Thisis likely to be where the rodents are gaining access. Buy some expanding foam to fill the gap, and you should find that the creatures are keptout temporarily. Determined rodents will attempt to chew through the foam as well, so you might want to brick up the gaps too, but the foam will work wonders, tobeginwith. You can even keep a check on it, and if you see that it has been chewed,you will know exactlywhere the rodents get inside.

Use Traps

Although you may not like the idea of it, using traps is an effective way to prevent mice from destroying your wiring. It’s far cheaper to buy traps than it is to rewire a home because something important is damaged.

Traps don’t have to be killers. It is entirely possible to buy humane traps which don’t harm the creature at all but instead keep them contained until you can take the trap outside and release the rodent within. Remember, though, that mice and similar creatureswill always seek warmth where possible, and you will need to let them go a long way from your home if you want to be sure they won’t return.

Sonic Deterrents

Sonic mouse deterrents send out a high-frequencysound wave that humans can’t hear (so it won’t interrupt your sleep or your daily activities) but rodents can. Thisshould cause them to run away from the noise rather than towards it and, therefore, ideally will keep your home rodent free.

If you have pet rodents,then this would not work well for you, as they will be disturbed by the sound. Dogs and cats, however, won’t be able to hear it, sothey won’t be affected, andyou can use the device in that case.


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